Self Esteem

Low self esteemLow self esteem is very debilitating. It may be associated with feelings of depression.  Or it may mean not thinking very highly of yourself, doubting your ability to get the things you want or to attract the sort of people that interest you. 

Healthy self esteemSelf esteem does not mean seeing yourself as the greatest person in the world. It's not the same as being conceited. Healthy self esteem means liking yourself, for the most part, as you are. You can have OK self esteem and still have occasional periods of self doubt. How you feel about yourself depends on who you compare yourself with. 

boosting your self esteemCheck out these practical steps to boost your self esteem. The 7 self-esteem categories discussed are also those covered in our Self Esteem Quiz.

You have your own unique self esteem story: why you have low self esteem, how it affects your life, how you have tried to raise your self esteem and what successes you have had. Others are interested in reading your story to see what they can learn from your experience.

What is healthy self esteem like?Healthy self esteem is vital for happiness. To be happy, we need to feel good about ourselves, to feel worthy as persons. Low self esteem is very common and not much fun! The key to healthy self esteem is becoming aware of our personal strengths and accepting ourselves as worthy persons despite any real weaknesses we have. 

Why don't you like yourself?Saying "I don't like myself" is too all-or-nothing. You're saying you dislike EVERYTHING about yourself. In fact, you may simply be unhappy about one or two of your things, which obscures your many good qualities. Have you tried making a list of all your likeable qualities?

Carrying the world on your shoulders?A key to improving self esteem is to recognize that it is an attitude. This is important because attitudes are easier to change than the external conditions of our lives that we wish we could change.

Do you celebrate your strengths regularly?A sure recipe for low self esteem is to constantly beat yourself for your failings. To raise your self-esteem, celebrate your strengths and achievements. It's easy to overlook our strengths when we are in a negative frame of mind. Also, we take for granted the things we find easy to do. Getting honest feedback also helps.

Excessively high standards can damage self esteemAre excessively high standards hurting your self esteem? Low self esteem can be the result of trying to meet unrealistic standards - ones we acquired early in life and which are no longer relevant. It's important to recognize when we are beating ourselves to live up to crazy standards. Improving self esteem should start with an assessment of expectations.

How to be happyHow would your happiness improve if you won the lottery? But why do we focus on what we haven’t got rather than on things we could feel happy about now? Why waste our liives dreaming about winning a pile of money when we have already won an infinitely more valuable lottery prize: We were born!

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