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Thinking about moving on? What are your options? Stay within your industry - - - same or better job. Stay within your function, but change industries. Find a completely different job, one using some transferable skills.

Become a management consultant, employed or on your own. Set up in business for yourself. Acquire new skills and do something new.

How to decide

Most managers in the midst of a major career transition try to decide what to do next on the basis of soul searching alone.

This is like trying to decide which house to buy without even looking at any!Or trying to decide whether you like an exotic type of food without first tasting it!!

Solution? --- Networking:

Talk to people doing what you think you might like to do.

Ask them questions just as you would do if they had travelled to a foreign country which you were thinking of visiting.

Interview them to get the flavour of what they do and try to visualize yourself doing it.

They may suggest some options you had not thought of or other people to talk to.

Management consulting?

Becoming a self employed management consultant seems an obvious option. After all, you do have a great deal of unique and valuable experience to offer other companies.

The problem is you will lack credibility on the sales front if you have no track record as a consultant and few contacts.

Better to join an established consulting firm for a few years to build up a small network of satisfied clients, either on a full time or subcontract basis.

Only opt for the latter if you are assured of work.

This will give you the credibility to get consulting assignments on your own. Or, get a contract with your existing employer before you leave.

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