The Alliance for Servant Leadership offers the following guidelines for servant leadership. They are meant as guidelines for servant leaders to discover and apply for themselves in a way that best suits their situation. They aren't meant as rigid rules or criteria.

  • Transformation as a vehicle for personal and institutional growth to improve the quality of life for all stakeholders or members of a community.
  • Personal growth as an end in itself to enrich the individual as well as the group.
  • Enabling environments that empower and encourage service, that recognize the equal worth of every person and that foster the achievement of everyone's full potential.
  • Service as a fundamental goal in the belief that anyone accepting the role of leader should do so out of the desire to be of service to others.
  • Trusting relationships as the foundation for collaboration and service, affirming that all relationships should be based on trust and mutual respect, not power, status or coercion.
  • Creating commitment as a way of enlisting everyone's contribution rather than manipulation or some other superficial form of motivation.
  • Community building to create environments in which people can trust each other and work together, recognizing that people work best in collaboration, in teams.
  • Nurturing the spirit, creating the conditions in which everyone can find meaningful work and satisfaction through their contributions.

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See Servant Leader Principles or an alternative to servant leadership. Also see: No Servant Leaders for an in depth look at why serving people shouldn't be considered a way of leading them. See also The Post-Heroic Manager for a replacement for servant leadership.

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