Servant LeaderWhat traits distinguish servant leaders from other kinds of leaders? What is so special about a servant leader? And, do you have what it takes to be one yourself? Here is a list of proposed servant leader characteristics.

According to Larry C. Spears, the ex President and CEO of the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, there are 10 characteristics that servant leaders possess. We have reworded them slightly to make them a little more concise and clear. Others could be added and not all of them may apply to all servant leaders.

We've heard of organic and mechanistic organizations, but organic leadership? What's the main difference between the two types of organization? In mechanistic organizations, direction can be deliberately decided and planned.

Values and LeadershipMust leaders be of good character or have sterling values like integrity, honesty or social consciousness? But if criminals, terrorists or people like Hitler can lead despite having questionable values. then what is the connection between leadership and values?

Leader as heroEveryone wants to be a hero, even if in a small way - to be admired, respected, accepted. If you admire sporting heroes, you want to be like them yourself. The true leader is essentially a hero - someone who does something outstanding. The appointed manager cannot compel hero worship.