Bottom-up leadershipTraditional leadership is top-down - a position in a hierarchy, an ongoing role with responsibility for people. Bottom-up leadership is a one-off act of influence, such as when an employee convinces management to adopt a new product idea.

VisionIt is widely assumed that a vision is essential to lead others. The truth is that leaders provide direction but that can range from a good idea for a minor change to a grand vision like JFK's vision of putting a man on the moon by the end of the 1960's. 

Monkey BusinessHow much monkey business can we tolerate in a leader? What is the connection between leadership and character? Can a political leader with a disreputable character govern wisely? Can a leader be a cad and still be a leader? Some not so nice people still do good work - think of badly behaved artists. 

Leadership purposeIt’s time to question the traditional assumption of leadership’s fundamental purpose. The textbook account focuses on the leader’s role in maximizing employee performance. All the decades of writing about leadership style beginning over 50 years ago focuses on how different styles affect the motivation and productivity of employees.