The primitive leaderTraditionally, the leader sits at the top of a hierarchy. This is a very primitive concept of leadership. Most higher animals also form themselves into hierarchies, which is biologically and psychologically primitive. Why have we not progressed beyond our animal cousins?

Need for leadersWe spend a lot of time thinking about leadership. When things go wrong, we blame leaders - a useful scapegoat. When we feel anxious, we look to leaders to make us feel better. As the pressure to succeed grows, so does our need for leaders. What does it say about us that we so strongly need leaders? 

BossLeadership style is about how people get work done through others. This used to be called management style until it got re-labeled as leadership style.

Leadership TraitsAre there any leadership traits that all leaders possess? This is an endless debate. It hasn't been resolved because we have no universally agreed definition of leadership. There are some commonly accepted traits, however, that work well enough as long as we don't think too critically about the meaning of leadership.