Developing PeopleTraining and development is often cut when costs are tight. Developing people needs to be seen as an investment, not a cost. This means that there must be some strategic criteria for deciding which employees to develop and what skills to focus on. 

Letting GoIf you see yourself as indispensable, you might have trouble letting go. Such as when you... can't bring yourself to retire, can't stop doing the job you were promoted out of, can't stop doing your subordinates' jobs for them or can't leave comfortable habits behind you.

TeamworkThe importance of collaboration and teamwork in modern organizations can't be overstated. Why is it so important? Because of complexity for one thing. Today's work is too complex for one person or even small groups to accomplish without extensive collaboration and coordination. Further, employees are better engaged and more productive if they genuinely feel part of something, that they belong and are valued. This puts a premium on relationship building. Finally, intelligent knowledge workers want to contribute, not just be told what to do, hence they want to participate as fully as possible in determining their organization's fate.

Influencing stylesWe all want to know how we can improve our ability to influence people. The problem is the starting point - our tendency to focus on our OWN needs, to get our own way with people.