Delegating effectivelyManagers are often poor at delegating. They either hold onto too much themselves, describe what needs to be done in too much detail or they  micro-manage the person they delegate to. Why is delegation so difficult? Part of the problem is that being a manager makes people feel an extraordinary level of responsibility.

Time ManagementRunning faster and falling further behind? Pushed to do more with less? Your options are few: go elsewhere, burn out or manage time better. Poor time management contributes to increased anxiety, reduced anger threshold, fuzzy thinking, hasty decisions, poor judgement, bad health. Isn't that enough?

Employee MotivationWhat motivates you at work? Money? Doing a job well? Recognition? Winning? Advancement? Acceptance? Or would you be happy if only you could work in a nicer environment? 

If "they" fixed the things that bug you, would you work harder? No. You will work harder ONLY if THAT gets you whatever it is you want. 

Managers as leadersManagers are often seen as administrators, not leaders. It depends on how we define leadership. Here, the meaning of leadership = promoting new directions. It has nothing to do with being in a position of authority over others. Management means having responsibility for people and other resources with the goal of getting work done as efficiently as possible. The goal of the manager is to execute the directions promoted by the leader.