Shark invested waters of businessHow effectively can YOU manage in the shark-invested waters of hyper-competition? Organizations have two tasks: to achieve today’s targets and to create the future. 

Many business commentators claim that organizations need to be more agile, innovative, responsive and entrepreneurial but the reality is more complex.

What's a Manager?A manager occupies a position of authority over people and other resources in all sizes of organizations. We can define management without reference to managers, however. It is the process of getting things done in a way that makes best use of all resources. 

Organizational metaphorsIs your organization a ship? Do you say: "Welcome on board?" Or is it a machine? An organism? A person? A group? A community? A family? A dynasty? Or something else? 

Organizational metaphors operate in the background but they can strongly determine how we think about organizations and affect how we work and make decisions. It is good to be aware of how they shape our thinking.

What is management?What is management? Management is like investment: its goal is to get the most out of resources, add the most value or get the best return. Management can be defined as: achieving goals in a way that makes the best use of all resources.