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What are the advantages of using an executive coach?

  • Helping managers achieve their full potential.
  • Retention - making managers feel valued.
  • Improved confidence and performance.
  • Confidential sounding board.
  • Skill diversification to enhance their value to the business.
  • Build on strengths.
  • Address skill gaps.

Mitch McCrimmonLaunched in 1994, based near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our team is made up of Mitch McCrimmon, Ph.D. with over 30 years experience, plus highly skilled associate consultants. 

Our focus is executive assessment and coaching, with a particular expertise in the design of assessment centers. We conduct assessments for selection, succession planning and development. Identifying the right person for the job is a critically important investment. The cost of appointing the wrong person can be excessive.

Executive assessment has many uses but is always a good investment because of the cost of hiring and developing key players, especially at senior levels where the failure rate is most costly.

Selection - getting the right person who can add real value is not easy.Promotion or succession planning - who is able to step up to the next level?Develop leaders - identify strengths and development needs for high fliers.Acquisitions - which key players should be in which slots? Improve performance - by helping staff better understand themselves.Career planning - enable staff to play to their strengths.Talent retention - investing in top talent to help them to feel valued.