Success at Work


PressureWhat are the main sources of pressure at work for you? And how able are you to function effectively under such pressures? What tactics work best for you? What do you need to do differently?

Everyone is affected by pressure at work. It's inescapable in today's fast paced world, combined with our drive to get as much out of our lives as we can.

Success GurusAmbitious, challenging goals are clearly essential to achieve success. But how do you make sure that your aspirations are realistic? Everyone needs aspirations, goals to work toward and challenges to tackle. 

It is when we think we have unlimited power to achieve anything we put our minds to, we may be in for disappointment.

Self TalkHow do you talk to yourself? It is well known that negative self-talk kills self esteem. Cognitive therapy focuses on helping people talk to themselves more positively, among other things. What names do you call yourself?

When you make a mistake, do you say... What an idiot! How can you be so stupid! Can't you get anything right! What a loser! There you go again! You're not really up to it, are you?!!

Success at the topSucceeding in a top job is like getting elected in politics. People have to vote for you. A strong support group of influential senior players is essential both to get promoted to a top job and to succeed once you are there.

Trying too hard too quickly can backfire if you alienate your support group by giving them the impression that you know-it-all or can succeed without their support and input.